Culture|Conflict: What Does Islamophobia Mean To You?

Culture|Conflict: Islamophobia
Episode 1: What Does Islamophobia Mean To You?

by Full Sliced Digital Productions and
Amendment Literary and Art Journal

There is a growing fear of Muslims in the U.S. This is Islamophobia. There are 1.6 billion Muslims in the world. 3.3 million live in the U.S. Some of them are students at VCU. We reached out to these students to ask: “What Does Islamophobia Mean To You?”

This is Episode 1 of the series Culture|Conflict: Islamophobia.

This short documentary piece was made and produced by Amendment Literary and Art Journal and Full Sliced Digital Productions.

Executive Producers:
– Jacquelynne Causey
– Kathryn Novelli
– Mikaela Reinard

Assistant Producer:
– Cyrus Nuval

– Elise Andrew

Lead Camera:
– Sammie Sheedy

Assistant Camera:
– Malcolm Richardson
– Sam Manzare

– Sarah Mohamed
– Ahmed Soliman
– Jafar Cooper
– Malaz Elamin
– Isra Elamin
– Sahar Jawadi
– Basim Iqbal

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