Here is some information to get to know our current Amendment staff members!

Our Editor-in-Chief 

hallie gtk

My name is Hallie Chametzky and I’m currently serving as the Editor-in-Chief of Amendment. I’m a third year dance and choreography major, psychology minor, and member of the Honors college. I was initially drawn to Amendment as an outlet for my literary interests, as well as a way to experience how art can support and ignite social change. Some fun facts about me are that I’m a dual citizen (US and Germany), I’ve lived in four US states and in Berlin, I am passionate about pasta, equality, chocolate, dogs, and cheese, and I am violently, existentially opposed to cruise ships.

Our Art Director

lara pic

My name is Lara Koebke and I am a sophomore hoping to major in English and Political Science. In case my choice of majors didn’t make my interests obvious enough, I like to write and I want to make the world a better place, which is why I was initially drawn to Amendment during my first semester. My passion is to travel, and I hope to someday combine my passion with my profession and become a teacher of English to speakers of other languages abroad. Until then, I’m just Lara, lover of dogs, folk music, the outdoors, and the ocean!

Our Literature Editor


My name is Elise Le Sage and I’m a sophomore English major and the literary editor at Amendment. To me, Amendment is the perfect communion of two things I care about deeply: student media and social activism. I have always valued platforms through which members of my community can voice their creative ideas and am very glad to be working with a publication that tackles big issues like gender, race, and identity. Personally, I hold the destigmatization of mental illness and the combating of rape culture very close to my heart and would like to bring awareness to these issues through both my work on Amendment and in my personal life.
I love folk tales, all sorts of boating, and the way the stars look over the country side. Currently, I plan to use my degree to teach secondary school somewhere in the western United States, where I originally hail from.

Our Managing & Outreach Coordinator


My name is Emily Henderson and I am a second year student hoping to double major in Spanish and Mass Communications. I joined Amendment because I was a member of a literary journal in high school and loved the friendships and writing experience that came along with it. Although my previous experience initially drew me in, my desire to give a voice to opinions that are undervalued in our society made my decision to stay. I am interested in all things involving werewolves, as well as cheesy romance novels. Slurpees and Sour Patch Kids keep me sane, while my love for fitness keeps me alive.